17 wsm staying or leaving?


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the savage bmag is the only rifle i know of supporting this round. does anyone know if any other gun mfgs. are going to make a version? cabelas now sells them, i was just wondering if this round will fade or stay in the trade


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There's a good article in this month's American Rifleman magazine. It says the round develops a lot of pressure and that required more than just "beefing up" a standard rimfire cartridge and rifle. Savage put two locking lugs on the bolt. heavier firing pin and firing pin spring, etc. The case and rim are thicker than a standard rimfire so the firing pin has to hit with more force. The round develops about 3,000 fps rivaling some centerfire .17s and out distancing all other rimfires as well as the .22 Hornet. The rounds are reasonably priced in boxes of 50. The only complaint was the loud report. A few coyotes were shot using the new round and, according to the writer, the .17WSM did just fine.

warren nelson

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It seem several gun makers are looking at make this round into their lineup, You can see them early as this next spring.


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Ruger now has the M-77 in .17 WSM. Pricy at MSRP of about $1000. I think I can handload .223 for about the same price as the ammo.

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