1st Annual Fall JHO Game Camera Pic Contest Rules


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Sounds good.
More time for more prizes to be donated. Ha.
Only problem is the advantage goes to those who haven't posted yet.
They have more time to wait out a great pic.

Any chance of altering the 4 day rule, to say Nov 15th
Members can change their posted pic for a better one 'til the 15th ?
Then all posts are locked in ?



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sounds good to me too, cutting it close for me, I've got pics of a couple good bucks at my uncles but won't be able to hunt them till the gun season starts in November. unless my uncle takes one of those bucks in bow season


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Does it officially say that somewhere? I see that Jesse posed the question last week, but there's no definitive statement anywhere.


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So the contest should be over then according to the original rules. When and how do we know who wins? Jesse decides? Vote?


Get you pics in for the contest, it ends 11/30.

Also please doublecheck your entries. Some pics were deleted because they were too big. Some members have entered 2 pics in one category when only one is allowed. Don't make us have to choose which one to keep. Once the contest is over we can't change the pics or voting.

For voting we'll post each category and the entry name in a poll thread. You'll get one vote per category. Please don't try and pad the voting by registering under other names or recruiting friends to help add to your count, it will be real easy to see who is doing this and you will be disqualified.

Let's remember this is all for fun and don't take it so serious.

Once we have the winners we will post the names. To make it fair and impartial for the prizes we will take whatever category is at the top of the contest list when the contest closes and allow that winner 1st choice of the prizes. 2nd choice of the prizes will then go to the 2nd category on the list. So on and so on until all the winners have a prize. If you want to swap prizes if you end up with something you can't use we can arrange the swap.


We can have an calf/fawn youngin category next year Wapiti, good idea.

We'll also have the contest end in Feb. so everyone has a chance to get the antler pics in before they fall off.

What does everyone think about 2 pic contests a year? One for spring turkey and summer pics and the Feb end date one for fall and winter pics.


Voting is now open for pic contest. Thank you all who entered pics.
They are all winners and are a joy to look at. Voting is on the pic contest forum at


Voting is open to all members of the forum. Please vote for one name for our game cam pic contest here. One vote only, if you vote more than once for each category you will be disqualified. If you recruit other people to pad your vote it will be easy to see and you will be out. Let's keep it fair.

If you click on the "View Results" before you vote you will void your vote for that category, so don't peek. Once you void your vote we can't change it back so you can vote in that category.

Please hold all replies until the voting is over. We'll then open up the pic threads for comments. Just vote now.

We'll keep the voting open for a week and close it Sunday night, Dec 7, 2003.

You'll need to look at the corresponding thread with all the pics to make your choice.

It will help to have a piece of paper and pen to keep track of your voting. If you are on a slow dial up you can visit your local library where most have high speed access. Get on someway to vote if possible, we want everyone to get a vote here.

If I goofed on the name of the animal please let Tinhorn or me know and we can change it. I wasn't sure on some of the varmint pics, like the fishers or martins.

Since there was only one entry for the underwater category we won't need to vote on that. wildebeast is the winner in there.

Good luck to all that entered.

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