1st roll of year


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Nov 26, 2001
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Just went and checked cam and finally finished 24 pic roll after a month of long, hard waiting.......but it went for probally 2 weeks with the cam arming switch off. I guess a squirrel or something hit it. Its mine own fault though...its the first cam I built and put the switches on the side of the box....AND...like a dufus ...had the switches where you flipped them up to arm the cam. I flipped the switches over after that.......and the ones I have made since, I've put the switches on the bottom of the enclosure.

Now heres the good part.......A big doe came up on me while I was putting a new roll of film in......got to see a deer at about a 20yrd range!!!!!

My wife saw one yesterday in the driveway going out....and when she came back home had a turkey trot across the drive in front of her.  Maybe the makings of a good season!!!!

If I have any good shots on the roll...I'll post them tomorrow after work. Cant wait to see em..might have to take a long lunch and get them early...hehe   Z:smile-big-blue::smile-big-blue:

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