$20.00 Digital Camera ?


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Mar 27, 2001
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I saw an add for a 39.99 polaroid digital camera, with a 20.00 mail in rebate.  Has anyone torn one of these apart yet, or have any information about them.  

I notice it has a "sleep mode" and only stores 18 pics.  320 x 240 doesn't sound great either, but for $20.00 bucks, you could make plenty..

Here's  the specs anyhow's......

Kit includes: Easy to use digital camera, with 320 x 240
pixel resolution, and Polaroid PhotoMax Image Maker
Software for Windows 95 and Windows 98.
For PC use only.
Automatic self-timer.
Crop, resize, and edit your photos.
Digital 320 Camera Specifications: 24-bit color
(millions of colors), 320x240 pixel resolution, Focal
range: 3-feet to infinity, Automatic power saving (sleep)
mode, Automatic 15-second self-timer, Serial port
download, 500K internal memory (camera holds up to
18 images), Tripod mountable, Automatic picture
Camera uses one 9-volt battery (included).


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Jan 23, 2002
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I have the 640x480 version, and I don't think I would even try that one in a game cam. The pictures are fuzzy at best, it doesn't support any removable media, and from what I've tested, the flash does about 15 feet with snow. I guess it all depends on what your looking for, I know I want something that has close to photo grade pics(1 megapixel and up) and removable media, (so you can leave the camera in the woods). From what I've seen with 320 x 240 you would have a hard time picking out critters or details from the pictures. If your willing to work around those, and can get a refresh circuit to work with it, I'm sure it would work. But, that's just my opinion.
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