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Feb 21, 2007
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View attachment 85859hopefully due it again this year got mine on the fourth day of the hunt my buddies got thiers on the seventh day.
I was sitting on a hill side first thing in the morning about six bucks ran by about a hundred yards away the wind was blowing so hard that I coudnt get on them at all so kept watching them they went into a canyon and never came out so stalked over to the canyon and knew I was going to have to shoot the first one I saw because they were going to disapear quick and as my luck the only one I saw was the smallest of the group the wind was blowing so hard I allmost missed him at 35 yds.
when chris and bill got thiers I was at camp packing up thier deer were about 300 yds from where I got mine a few days earlier they were both standing together feeding.
cant wait hpe they get that fire out

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