2008 JHO Tejon POR - Memorial Day


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OK, so the thread is open! Time to start with the smack talk, planning, and all that other stuff!

First things first... we'll be meeting on Friday morning, 05/23, at 0830 for the delicious and traditional Flying J breakfast buffet!

I'll confirm check-in time and location, but most likely will be at 1000 or 1030 at the Tejon Office. More on that soon.

So let the fun begin!


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OK, so the LA times brings up old news about development and I still have not taken a Tejon hog in two tries (swing batter!!)
and I am down to my last strike for the year, it's time for all you to give up the honey holes

Let's face it, it's going to be sitting next to a condo and fairway

actually, I think I know where they are hiding


Loadsprayer, Get up high and glass the last 3 hours of light. You can glass from the truck, from the ridge what ever but you must look they are there! I spend about 15-20 minutes glassing each spot.

Glass at first and last light.....the rest of the time you need to drive the roads and get familiar with them.

Then you can spot the pigs miles away and know how to get to them.


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It's easy, you just spend all morning and afternoon hiking up and down the hills, drive around and then drive around somemore. Then you stand for the last few hours getting hammered by flys, not seeing a single thing move. Finally you head back up the trail because you are depressed you saw nothing all day. Then all you have to do is turn around one more time to look at the hill on the other side of the cayon and the nice piggies will just pop out 200yds from the brush and stand there perfectly still and broadside just looking at you.



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15 days to go!

Well I'm hoping to get my 2nd hog with the bow this trip. My last (and only) trip to the south side was a quick 3-hour tour before being tagged out so I didn't get to learn the area much. Fortunately I'll be riding with a buddy who's been to the south a few times.

I'm a total rookie but one thing I've always been successful at (so far) at Tejon is spotting lots of hogs, even when many say they went the whole weekend without seeing one. One good strategy is to find good "key" higher-elevation roadside glassing spots, where you can pull over, get out and glass lots of brushy area for a good 10-15+ minutes... The hogs love to hide in the shadows of the thick stuff and it can take time to spot them... they ARE there! Everywhere! You gotta slow down and spend the time to look. For me, most hogs seem to be spotted while driving so its best to drive slow (look everywhere starting 100 yards away and focus on accessible areas) and stop and glass anytime you see anything that resembles like a pig. Some guys like to blaze through those roads at top speed and they'll miss a ton of pigs. Of course, you should focus on locating/spotting pigs as mentioned, starting before first light until around 3 hours after sunrise, and starting again 3 hours before dark. Make sure your in a good area to start looking by that time, then get in spot mode and drive slowly to each key glassing spot and you'll most definately see pigs. This has been working well for me and in my 3 trips to Tejon I've seen literally hundreds.

Finding ones you can actually get to, that aren't on the side of a total hell hole canyon (recoverable), then somehow working to within 30 yards and getting ready for the shot without busting them, that's where I have a ton of trouble

Anyway, I'm excited as heck! Looking forward to hanging out with ya'll and collectively slamming those south-side Tejon hogs!


Sounds like everyone is good to go!

I'll be up there this weekend for some fun. I will bring back some pictures for fun.


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Okie dokie then!

All the apps that made it are in and will be going off to Barbara in a couple of hours. There were a couple of folks I thought for sure were planning to join the fun, but there ya go...

We've got 29 hunters, by my count. That's a good-sized group, so we should have big fun and plenty of room for everybody. You new guys don't be shy... ask for help and you may get it. If you don't ask, you probably won't. It's a big place, and hogs will be where you find them... just that some places are better than others. Also, if you've got one down, don't be scared to ask for help getting him out. It's probably gonna be warm, so leaving a dead pig overnight is probably not a great idea if you can help it.

The plan...

Those who can will meet for the traditional buffet at Flying J in Gorman (or is that Frazier Park?) at 0830. We'll be doing check in at 1000 at the SOUTH GATE this year... not at the Tejon Office. If you can't meet us at the Flying J, plan to be lined up at the South Gate by 1000.

A few people have mentioned that they might be running late. I need confirmation of this, and what time you expect to arrive so arrangements can be made. However, if you're going to be late, it's entirely possible that there will be no one available to let you onto the ranch until after dark on Friday night... which means you lose the first half-day of hunting. If it's at all possible, I need you to arrive with the rest of the group.

Other than that... it's time to start sorting gear, finalizing the packing list, and getting amped up for another Tejon hog-fest!


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Hey Phil did you get my app? I let the wife send it off for me, I would hate to drive all the way there to find out she pulled a fast one on me.


I'll be going as papparazzi. Filmin the hog slayin and debauchery.

If any of you is famous I've got to get a release signed.

Got 2 fresh turkey breasts from MO to fry up and dip in sauce Saturday night. Got a hog roast too if anyone wants me to bring it to cook.
Release? I'll need my people to look it over first.

I think I'll tag out on the way to camp Friday... Get it over with and the beer drinking started early.


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Cool deal, Jesse. Barbara told me you slipped through the papparazzi filter somehow.

Rancho, hitting the hogs in the road with that plastic truck of yours doesn't count. Besides, we know you've been converted to that Colorado pee-water now anyway... that doesn't even count as beer.


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You better be planning on hunting the desert side if your looking for Hogzilla, Rusman.

Good Luck To All


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"All the apps that made it are in and will be going off to Barbara in a couple of hours. There were a couple of folks I thought for sure were planning to join the fun, but there ya go... " Speckmisser quote.

I thought I was going... but bullets for the kid's 30-30 became a problem and the real truth of it is I couldn't justify the cost right now.
I hope you all have a great time, I'll try to be there next time.



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Well see'n how theres talk of taggin' out on the way to camp and puttin' a tag in hogzillas ear, perhaps everyone should put their money where their mouth is!

Jackpots anyone?

Biggest pig, First pig to the skinnin' racks, smallest pig, ugliest pig???



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HiFi, we usually do a little somethin' like that.

If there's interest, we'll have a little pool again this year. I'd suggest we keep it simple and just go with biggest pig. All other categories can be for bragging rights.

We'll keep rules to a minimum.
  • We'll have one "official" scale.
  • Hogs MUST be field-dressed (all internal organs removed from trachea to anus).
  • The weigh-in must be witnessed by at least one person outside of your immediate hunting party.
  • I will be final arbiter in the event that we have a close call, unless my pig is in contention. At that point, we'll appoint a second judge.
I don't foresee any serious squabbles, but this'll help keep it fair and friendly.

By the way, Bodega, you squeaked in. You're good.

Powerman, sorry you won't be joining us, but your reasons are good.

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