2008 JHO Tejon POR - Memorial Day


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Thanks for gettin me through, Speck! I can't wait for my 3rd JHO HamSlam.

Hey guys I'm wonderin if anybody would be willing to carpool up there and back? Gas is a real B!tch these days!!!

I live down in San Diego.



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I'll give Kieth (my partner) the scale tomorrow when he picks up my gear. Thanks for the reminder. I'm getting in to Reno airport at 11am on friday from my Tarpon trip to Florida (Yea me!), so I won't make it to the ranch until 10pm Friday night. He will give it to Phil at check-in. Leave a pig for me....hronk


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Is Hronk bringing the SCALE this year????
I just ordered one (after all these years). so I'll have one. If Hronk wants to send his along also, that'd be a great back-up plan.

Hronk, we'll leave you ONE hog. Bring some pix of that 200 pound silver king when you come!


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Come on guys! In a week there will be pigs hanging. Is anybody else excited? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Everybody seems to have their poker face on.


I will be bringing my generator and sawzall for ribs and head removal at the skinning rack.

I will have some homebrew beer a Hefy, and IPA on tap so stop by for a taste or a few mugs.

I'll also be there on Thursday night with Texass so anyone want to meet us for a drink at Rockys after the evening hunt?

Rockys is located across the street from the Flying J. Last time I talked to the owner he said you could park your RV overnight behind the resturant.


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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (bodega @ May 16 2008, 08:24 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
Is anybody else excited? Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Everybody seems to have their poker face on.[/b]
I can't hold the poker face no more... I'm pumped!!!!

Let me give this a try....

Six more days
and we'll all get to play
With the hogs at Tejon
...all day

First light and last
Break out the glass
'cus they'll be out and feeding
on tall yummy grass

Hogzilla obsessed
as Russman will attest
An arrow will go full draw
upon my rest

If that arrow should find
the right target and line
I'll be comin' home with wild pork chops
one more time!



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Woohoo! I'm camping next to Mark!

I'm planning to hole up in Buttonwillow like I usually do on Thursday evening. After that, motel rooms get more expensive and this will be a holiday weekend.

That pome's still working his way out. Maybe I need some morning coffee, to urge it along...


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Less than a week
I'm all packed up
I've got the guns
I've fueled the truck

I've stowed my gear
and loaded the ammo
prepped Petunia
washed the camo

So now begins
the long, hard wait
sleepless nights
and endless days

In only days
the game is on
Heading south
to Rancho Tejon!


May 23
Mostly Sunny 65°-51°

May 24
Isolated T-Storms 62°-49°

May 25
Sunny 69°-51°

Sounds good! Maybe a little windy.
With the wild oats out should see pigs most of the day.


So how many need some help on a hog.....I have some members that will be there.....but they don't know if anyone needs some help, so speak up!

You can email me if your shy but please speak up!!! Don't ask Speckmisser on Sunday AM.

I don't care if you have been there before or not. Lets get 100% harvest!!!!
thats the goal...I want everyone to enjoy the hunt/ranch and everything that goes along with it........Remember the Ranch will be gone one day.

Tejon Test 101

1. Is Friday the best day?
Answer: If you know where to go!!!!


Let's have some fun!!!!!!!!!
What are you cooking?????

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