2010 NV Big Game Draw Results Out

Bull Fries

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Drew my antelope tag for Area 11 (5th choice). That's the only NV my wife or i drew, so probably gonna head to ID to hunt with my brother or WY for some OTC remaining tags? Go to Huntnevada.com to view NV draw results.


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Sorry just saw this..I had a week planned in 72 and was hoping to prescout the area (Never been up that way). Well, I wasn't able to prescout do to work and other family obligations. My buddy and I got into 72 and set up camp. We really werent to sure on where to camp, so we found a nice spot on the border of 72/74. Drove the sidexside in each day (25 miles in) to get to an area that looked like it would hold elk. Took us about a day to learn the area and another 2 days to finally find the elk. My buddies sidexside had mechanical issues and cut my elk hunt short. We could not get a truck in the area we were hunting, so we were screwed. Had to come home early.

The area in awesome and I feel a lot more comfortable now. I put for 72 again this year. I would camp a lot closer to the middle of the zone now (Found a REALLY nice Elk camp, closer to the elk herds). We will see what this draw holds.

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