2017 Backpack Hunting


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Well my season opens this weekend! I'm really excited about it. I've been shooting my bow consistently and I have more confidence than ever with it. I'm planning on hiking in friday and bowhunting for a few days. I've spotted some bucks there recently, and I'm confident I'll be able to try and stalk them without a lot of interference from other hunters. Chance of rain friday/saturday, so we'll see how that effects things. Might work out real nice.

Something about backpack hunting really works for me. Not only does it force me to focus on the task at hand by eliminating distractions, but the solitude and peacefulness is invigorating. And I tend to see more deer, so thats nice lol. Anyone who's been considering backpack hunting, I would HIGHLY recommend it! It may seem intimidating at first, but you'll love it. I promise. You will probably be more successful as a hunter, but even the unsuccessful trips are rewarding and adventurous.

Anyone else packing in this weekend?! How long are you staying? Are you returning to a place you've hunted before or a new spot?


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I'm heading up to the Sierras Friday to pack in. Gonna do 3-4 days solo and see if I can get on a nice buck.


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planning on back packing after opening weekend ....... probably go in next Tuesday . All that you said JohnCo is right : )

Going to a place I packed into 3 years ago . Old broken down cabin in the Trinity Alps will be base camp . I just like the water source there AND the big bowls to glass about a mile from there .



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In spite of my nervousness about it, I'm going to try to do a 3-Day hike-in for the Bear Archery opener. I'm hoping the choke-cherries which were just starting to come-in will be ready for them to eat by then.

In 2015 I had my first ever face-to-face bear encounter in there at 20yds! That one was loafing towards a water spot (some distance behind me) sorta like a human who hadn't had his morning coffee yet. We (me and the guy I was there with scouting for deer) didn't know it at the time but that day was the opening of Bear Archery in that year. Ever since then the thought bothered me that if I had my bow with me I at least possibly could have tried to do something. It would have been tricky as hell since it was head-on, but yeah.

The Bear thing was something I'd never even considered before, being a n00b and all. But that event occurring made it now seem like a possibility. So I've bought the Tag since then just in case I should come across one. We came across 2 that day actually. Later on that day we came across another bigger one at 40 yds! 'Twas quite the special day!

If I score, even under the best of conditions this will be one helluva test though since it's all uphill to get back outta there. Doing that climb with weight... I figure I'd absolutely have to wait until dusk before beginning so the heat is taken out of the equation so the exertion would require slightly less water.

I went there in 2016. Posted up overlooking where that face-to-face encounter had occurred. But the water flow dried up that year, and looked like the choke-cherries were already gone so bears were a no-show.

In 2016 when I went there.. checking my back-side every 3-to-5 minutes... had a bobcat stalk to within 25feet of me overlooking that waterway where I was! Man that startled the piss outta me the first few milliseconds when I saw a cat face. First thing my bring screamed was "Mountain Lion!!! AHH!!!!"

In the night time I could hear mice getting got thru out the night, no doubt the bobcats (and probably owls too). And then at some point in the night... I smelt "the funk" waft over my tent! I've never smelt a bear in person yet... but my brain told me that was a bear! I popped my head out of the tent and did a 360 sweep with flashlight, but saw nothing. Figure maybe a bear passed-by somewhere Upwind of my Tent? Did not sleep at all for the rest of that night! Anytime I noticed I was dozing-off, I'd awake with a minor startle and become intently focused on listening and scent. Then nod-off again and repeat the cycle. I'm a big fan of guns, and feel a lot more comfortable if I'm carrying one, but I don't think this area would be productive for bear in general season because the cherries are gone by then.
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I have to work this weekend but I might go up with my buddy once I gets few days off, if he doesn't already bag one. We did a little trip last month and saw a beautiful 3x3 with plenty more time to grow before the opener. He didn't care about us at all.


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Heading out to the trailhead on Friday and leaving for a 7 day back country hunt with my buddy. We hunt around 9,000'. I've hunted this area for 4 years now. Lots of bears and deer. Harvested a nice cinnamon bear last year in the same area during a solo hunt. My recommendation is to hunt deep and high. You'll have the mountain to yourself and will see more game. Weather shows mid 60's and mid 30's....PERFECT!


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I be in a old reliable archery area for does, going to hope for a young fork and horn or forky still hanging with the girls.


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Well I didn't shoot anything this past weekend. I did see some bucks and even got 2 stalks in. The first stalk I got to 50 yards as two bucks fed behind a boulder. It was at about 9000 feet above the trees. At least I thought they were behind the boulder, as I was out of sight for part of the stalk. I ranged both sides, had an arrow nocked and was ready to shoot my FIRST archery buck. I felt good.

But it was not to be. The wind that had been consistent, swirled and they both blew out of there. They stopped at 94 yards and looked back, they couldn't quite pin me down. They had smelled me but didn't see or hear me i don't think. I froze and they just looked back from side to side. Eventually they walked over the hill and out of sight. I hoped maybe they'd start feeding, so I ran up and crept over the ridge. Nothing. They had ran off. I saw them later 700+ yards away feeding off into some trees as it got dark.

Even though I didn't shoot anything, I came home feeling pretty good. I told myself that if it had been rifle season, I could have shot a buck probably a dozen times. But I was challenging myself. It was good to get some experience stalking bucks. Hopefully it will help me in the future become a smarter, better bowhunter.

I hope you guys had more luck than i did lol


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Last free weekend to scout will not Free, will have to take a hike with the wife ! Maybe a picnic lunch

the things we'll do to scout, I mean make the wife happy

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