2019 Bear. 4th day of the season, first day out


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Sep 23, 2009
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Hadn't been able to hunt for the past 3 seasons so it was nice to be able to go out and get a nice old bear on my first day out on the fourth day of the 2019 season.

I would like to give you guys this incredible story but this bear was really one of those at the right place and time, opportunities.

This trip was more than anything a trip to spend time with my dad who is getting up there in age. We went near Frazier so he could use his quad which he had not taken out in close to 10 years.

I didn't wear camo, nor did I wash my cloths in scent free detergent, and I even bathed the night before with scented soaps.

As my dad was hitting the trails in his quad, I video taped him, here and there until I would loose sight of him.

I randomly walked into a ravine and could hear animals (plural) running off. I quickly went up a knoll and caught a glimpse of a doe going over the next knoll. I went around but in the direction the doe went. I found her tracks along with a set of buck tracks, but could not find them in the area.

I then again randomly walked up a hillside and when I reached the top I came across a steep canyon. I decide to go right, to glass the hill side next to me. I probably only walked 20 steps after reaching the top of the hill when I saw this old boar hustling towards me at about 80 yards. He stoped and turned broadside at which time a lifted my 243 lever action with open sights, aimed and took the shot. The bear rolled, got back up and ran between two fallen trees, loosing sight of him. Not knowing how well the shot was I stood by just in case he got back up. I decide to wait longer than a half hour since I really didn't want to walk up on a still alive and wounded bear. By this time my dad had joined me and we made our approach, at which time we found the bear had expired with a single through and through shot right in the perfect spot.

Two hunters we came across were generous to help us with dragging the bear a short distance to the truck.

The next morning I took the skull, hide and meat to Fish and Game in Los Alamitos, where the Biologist took the tooth and told me the other molars were wore down to the gums.

Even though this bear was over 300 pounds (estimated), I do believe he was bigger at one time. He was a great bear to have harvested since he was already on his way out. 69376671-9BD7-4C48-9FD7-370877A1F4C2.jpeg


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Mar 3, 2006
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super congrats! , that is a cool story for sure and a trophy bear with a lever open sight, wtg, nice pic thnx 4 sharing!.......tra

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