2019 blacktail pics and videos


Got this guy Sunday at daybreak in C4 on the ridge between Mineral and Rocky Peak. Saw great sign just below the north facing ridge on Saturday so I got to the area before daybreak to watch the ridge and sure as shit this guy working his way up from water east to west and he gave me a beautiful uphill broadside shot at 150yds about 5 minutes into shooting light.



Opening Day B-2.
2019 California Blacktail taken in the foothills of the Trinity Mountains. 165 lb. live weight. 4 x 3 plus eye guards. Savage .308 Win. Super Striker handgun with Burris 3 x 12 in Warne Mounts. My first copper bullet California deer. Federal 150 gr. Factory Power Shok Copper. One shot at 70 yards. Great performance. DIT.

2019 Blacktail.jpg

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