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2019 Frog Crushing Bucketmouths! Pics


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So on Tuesdays the course is closed for maintenance I have it marked on my calendar and right after a heavy thunder and lightning storm yesterday I hit the Woodbridge pond on the back course for the sunset bite to see if I could hook Hannibal the Canibal Pond Monster monster bass.
I got to the opposite bank side across from the bridge to work the bank edge which is loaded with huge tilapia and some nice bass and thank God 4 polarized glasses! I could see some bass cruzing by me and I spot a pond Monster tucked right up against the bank in front of me had no clue I was there I Toss out a frog and I get a good hit thinking I got the the big one but it was a different bass, nice size but a very weird shape body.
So I released back in quietly and the big one was still chillin in front of me. For 20 minutes I tossed the frog and Sticko in front of it and wanted nothing to do with them so I gave up and headed to the bridge.
The bridge action was nada this time Hannibal didn't show up it was getting dark so I went back to the opposite bank again to see if that pond Monster was still hanging out and it was, for almost another 20 min. I Kept tossing my frog out and it still ignored it and I was getting ready to give up again and head out and one of my last cast I bring the frog right over it and finally BAM I get the explosive topwater strike right in front of my face I set the hooks hard and only had to step back and pull it on the bank without having to reel it in that's how close it was.
Man I was hooting and hollering while holding this solid 22" pond monster, especially I didn't think it was ever going to strike, but it finally got aggravated with the damn frog and leashed out on it 4 sure.
Let me tell u I work hard to get these Monsters, these r the ones that put a big proud smile on your face once u get them in hand. Hooked about 5 and fished till almost 9 and dark but i hooked one more on the frog with a huge gator 30 yards away! I reeled it in so fast and ran back out the way to avoid an encounter...ha ha! Then called it a night.
Thnx 4 following my post and get out and hook one today!.....tra
P.S. I was predicting to hook a Monster bass yesterday on my calendar, how cool is that, but still not the ONE I am looking to hook.

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Nice big one. Fisherman's paradise.....I bet those homeowners are feeding that croc so it eats you with all that "hooting and hollering" going on nightly...........


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Super hot, super humid, super windy, heavy Afternoon rain storms alot heavy cover ponds and banks hundreds of cast while avoiding alligators, moccasins, red ants and golfers....lol that's what I have to deal with to hook quality trophy bass!
Here's a couple more frog smashing Fatback s from the last couple days.
I have chewed up 2 new diawa reels out of 4 I bought trying to reel in huge bass so I finally splurge and bought 2 new Abu Garcia Revo reels, 1 Revo X30 and the Revo SX30. Yesterday I broke in my new revo sx30 and hooked a nice 4 lbr. On the frog, it has drag up to 20 lb. A little over kill but I just had to tighten it more, these reels r sweet!
Then I hooked a real nice frog Smasher in a pond I haven't hit in a long time and this time I didn't lose it, I definitely was hooting and hollering doing the trophy bass dance. Enjoy the pics! Get out and hook one today!...tra

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The bite has been tough lately I finally figured out they r staying deep around 18-20ft so I have been casting out about 40 yrds then letting my Sticko sink and glide along the bottom till I get the bite and got a handful of small ones and I lost a whopper, it came out the water and threw the hook out, had to be around 9 lb a heart breaker but I know where it lies there will b another day.
Then yesterday I did a Afternoon session and was only finding open spots on the pond banks and reapeadtly cast my Sticko out working the bottom and I got a couple small ones. After a couple hrs of pond hopping I convinced myself to go hit up one nore pond but it is so thick of water reeds 15-20 off the bank around the whole pond u can only use the frog. I have lost 3 monsters there in the last 2 months because they got hung up in the thick chit.
Plus the top water bite was pretty dead lately because they went deeper but I said f it and went for it.....lol
So I cast my frog out about 30 yrds over the reeds in the same spot i Iost 2 before and after a few cast just outside the weed line while reeling back in I see a Explosive hit on the topwater frog with a big wake I wait a couple seconds and set the hooks hard and start cranking and a real nice lunker breaks the water now I have to get it through 20 ft of reeds and my back is so far bent back with all my strength cranking holding the pole as high as I could a couple times I almost got stuck but the bass trying to fight popped over the thick spots and finally ran back hard cranking and pulling and got it on the bank.
Wow that was a fight and action I won't forget I was so happy to finally not lose one again in the same spot I guess the 3rd time is the charm!
Its only around 4 lbs but felt like 14 lbs trying to reel it in....lol
In the pics u can see how thick the water reeds r I have to get though but big bass luv that thick stuff like wild pigs like to sleep in nasty poison oak brush but sometimes u gotta bust brush to get one.
Fishing has been tuff but I am trying to b tuffer trying to make it happen, enjoy and get out and hook one today!.......tra

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Here's some recent frog slammers , I was on the course the other day when it was closed and I hear my name called and this golfer pops out from the tee and it's my neighbor and a big company GM, he watched me hook one and I did a selfie with my fan and spectator, how cool is that!....tra
P.s. try these thumbnail size pics to see how they look compared to the full image......tra



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Last night we had some Thunderstorms but today started out nice and I thought I would look to do a Afternoon pond session. It is windy and super hot with 101 feel like the water level rose high on the banks so i knew the bite would be tough.
Stayed out 2 1/2 hrs and was lucky enough to get one strike on the frog and landed one around 2 lbs so I was happy I didn't get skunked.
I an getting out for the sunset bite again in 2 hrs I need a pond monster strike if o can make it happen that would b nice......tra20190915_142238.jpg20190915_142336.jpg20190915_142340.jpg20190915_142344.jpg20190915_142301.jpg


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Fish fry sounds great but I prefer trout.
So I waited till 7 pm yesterday to get the last hr of sunset. It was windy and s system was rolling in.
I took the Escoot on the gulf course trail to Woodbridge pond to start I was lucky to get 3 on the frog. It was looking like rain might cone in so I headed to my new go to pond to try and get some cast in. The winds were getting stronger the sky was getting darker and there was a little lightning pretty close so I was casting out quick and bam on the booyah frog I was a decent pond monster. Now it looks like I might have to jet with the weather getting serious but I pushed to hook another one I did, another nice one for sure but o had to head back to the house worried I might get soaked on the Escoot. I made it home and it was almost 8 pm and grabbed my Sticko pole set up and ran across the street to hit the 8 Acer pond for a few cast and I was surprised what happened next. That part of the story I will post under my sunset buckmouth thread.....tra20190916_054622.jpg20190915_192343.jpg20190915_191133.jpg20190915_193843.jpg20190915_190636.jpg20190915_192234.jpg20190915_192502.jpg20190915_190649.jpg20190915_192248.jpg20190915_192604.jpg


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Got out early this morning to hit the pond across the street from my house, no wind nice and sunny.
First thing I see r 2 nice bass already starting to pair up, that's seem to eraly but glad they r moving up to the bank butt they didn't want to play. So I walk the bank and cast my frog and as soon as it hits the water I get a lightning strike and fisn on! I crank like crazy and get it on the bank, great way to start the morning. Then at another pond I hooked another one on the frog. So great morning session and hope it gets better as the days go on. Thnx 4 following my post and get out and hook one today!...tra












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I got out yesterday for the last hr of sunset bite to my go to pond across from me. theres no vegetation around this pond bank so I was casting a Sticko out over and over for almost a hr with no action. It was getting dark I knew the swamp Mosquitoes would be attacking any minute so I was ready to grab my poles and go.
So when I grabbed my frog pole I said what the heck let me cast it out real quick once and then bounce. It was dark I casted out couldn't see nothing and I get a strike on the frog and reeled it in fast and hooked a decent bass. Made my knight, I don't give in easy and I am very persistent till i hook one. Used the flash on my phone to get some pics then the damn Mosquitoes were getting relentless so I grabbed my poles and headed back to the house. Here's some pics.....tra







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Got out for a morning and afternoon session today. Temperature getting a little better and a little less humid. Fishing is still tuff but I always make it happen with persistents and alot of casting.....lol. here's a couple of frog munchersl...tra












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Yesterday I got out for the sunset bite it was absolutely strong gusty winds 25-30 mph made it tuff to cast but I am so driven to fight the elements and odds of hooking bass.
I went to one of my old spots and bam I get a nice 3 lbr on the frog, ok that was a good start right out the gate. Then I went to another old spot and right away a saw a couple of big wakes peeling from the bank edge I knew they were good size bass.
I toss the frog against the wind just off the bank I get a strike and I got like a 4 lbr on fighting out the water but it kicked the hook out and splish splash back in, a little heart breaker. After 20 minutes walking and working the banks I get back to were I lost one and long cast around 75 ft to the other bank edge and bam agian I took another one around 3 lbs.
Then I go to another snall pond and get the hit and hookup on the frog out on open water with another nice bass a little under 2 lbs.
So as rough and cappy the water was i did good to get 3 on the frog. Enjoy and thnx for following my post, and get out and hook one!....tra











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Then today I went out for a Afternoon pond session it was still pretty windy hot and humid.
I hit up 5 pounds in 2 hrs and only got one slam attempt on my frog and it was a huge bass but didn't get a gook set, but I know where it lies and will b back another day to try and hook it.
Just as I was getting ready to call it a day I get a strong stike on my booyah frog and damn it was a nice 2 ft. Alligator gar, cool I didnt get skunked for my session I was very happy. Here sone pics and have a great day!....tra










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Got out last night for the sunset bite just for 1 hr since it gets dark earlier ea. Day now.
Was lucky to get a frog hit just after the sunset, a nice chunker......tra






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