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2019 Lee County Archers Monthly 3D Shoot...pic's

Wow its been awhile since posting my clubs archery shoots. My old phone was on it's way out with battery power lasting issues so I could not take a lot of pics but now I have one of the latest phones again I can start posting my club shoots and events.
Yesterday on saint patties day we had our monthly 3D shoot. Weather was really good around 85 light breeze. We had about 30 shooters mostly trad, course was at up with about 20 targets we do 2 rounds.
It been about 3 months since I shot a 3D I brought my compound and trad bow to decide which group I wanted to shoot with.
I wasn't worried about my scoring had to get the ring rust out and get back into the groove with the trad bow, i wanted to enjoy the day hanging out with the guys and talk sht which is always great for laughs. All in all it was a fun day my shooting pretty much sucked which was to be expected, my score for the whole shoot was half of what I usually average.
I had good time as always and cant wait for the next shoot. Thnx for following my post and have a great day! ...tra

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It's been 2 mon. Since I did the last 3d shoot and yesterday on Easter Sunday we had one.
The weather made it a great day for shooting 3D we only had a small group of archers mostly trad shooters.
There was one very young man named Lane, he's only 8 and his grandfather brought him to the range he just started shooting a trad bow.
Of course the kid was cool and was part if our shooting group for the 3D course.
I am sure he was entertained by all of us seasoned archers and our bs at times its never a dull moment.
I only stayed for the 1 st. Course round , I wasn't tripping on the scoring just wanted to have a great time while I was there, it was enjoyable and exciting watching young Lane flinging arrows at the target he was doing a great job and I am sure he will develop the passion of being and archer and future bowhunter.
I told Lane I would post up pics of our 3D shoot and him here on Jesse's to check out. Thnx for following my post!...tra

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