2020 Frog Smacking Booyah Bucketmouths! Pics


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Mar 3, 2006
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This past Tuesday I headed out to some back course ponds I haven't been to in awhile. I walking the bank casting my booyah weedless frog I get a major blow up 25 yrds out in open water but didnt get a good hook set so it got off. For about 20 min. more i fan casted but nothing. So I go walk the bank further down for a while working it.
Then 20 min. Later I get back to the spot I missed the lunker I cast out and get another major blow up but this time it was in the heavy vegetation along the bank, I set the hooks but ended up with water reeds on my hooks instead and the bass got lucky again!
So I switch my Popping frog for the standard frog which I know I will get a good hook set, so For 15 more minutes I fan cast the area and nada. I guess I wasn't going to get that lunker to strike anymore I was going to head out and come back in a few days and try agian for the pond Monster.
For some reason I was curious so if I put the Popping frog back on would that provoke the lunker to strike instead of the regular frog.
After a couple cast I get a major blow up I stay patient for a couple extra seconds before I set the hooks and bam! I jerk the pole up hard and fast and I got this pond Monster locked on this time. And I am cranking my reel hard to get the bass though 10 ft of bank vegetation without loosing it and I do.
Unbelievable I am super stoked, the 3rd. Time was the charm. I was out for 2 hrs and that was the only action I got but like I always say, " all I need is big fish!"......lol and the booyah Popping frog will get a very stubborn lunker to strike compared to the standers weedless version.
Enjoy the pics, and get out and hook one!......tra
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