257 weatherby


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Good caliber, good ballistics. Maybe a barrel burner because of the over bore. Because it's aWeaterby it's not readily available and definate hand load cartridge if you want to shoot it much. What do you want to use it for?


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My old man ended up getting it in the ultra light model he's taking it to Montana next week on a deer hunt. Sucker shoots fast and the handloads my cousin made for it are impressive


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Just picked up the same rifle in 270...they keep saying the rifle is dead on from 100 and it's true...now let's see about 300 :)


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I have had one for a number of years

my cousin shoots his almost exclusively

he took a monster mule this year at 325 yards and shot a cow elk last year at 300 yards

Ive seen a lot of Ca bucks and pigs taken with that round. Its probably my favorite weatherby cartridge

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