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30-06 rim bite trouble ????


How do the case mouths look? If the casing was a tad long for your chamber, it could create extra neck tension, and increase pressure. That one primer is really out. The stiffer extraction could cause the rim issue you are seeing. Just brain-storming, I'm no master reloader. Let us know what you figure out.


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Thank you all for the help. I was kind of scared I was going to have a broken gun. Let me start with a little back story. This is a 742 woodsmaster. The gun is around 40 years old and a hand me down from my uncle in Texas. It has always been a good gun but was having a small issue when I got it.

I looked all over for a good smith. The first guy told me that I need a new plastic gun and that mine was just a wall hanger. He was sure that the reason the bolt was sticking was due to age and over use. I couldn't believe my uncle would lie and give me a junk gun, so I keep looking. Next guy said he was too bizzy with black guns. I said no rush, just want it by deer season. When he asked when deer season was, I knew I was in the wrong shop. My next step was to email the gun smith school. Lucky for my the head instructor emailed and told me some good info. He said the gunsmiths that take his class have to work on the woodsmaster for a final exam. Any of his students would know what's going on. So I tracked one down here in town. He broke my gun down and did a sonic cleaning. He put new parts if needed and added a part that was missing. The jam at that time was due to the action bars. They are a set and have a curved bar to connect the two arms. If the bar brakes the arms will not function as a set and get of track. One side was getting stuck on the mag.the smith fixed everything and did 3 test fires. A ok good to go.

fast forward to this weekend and I have the bite trouble on the first shot I take. Only the 4 round in the gun since it was made back to new. I add a little oil and try 2 more shots before giving up for fear of hurting my gun.

Yesterday the smith took a look and we even checked the brass from his 3 test shots. All looked good. Gun is super clean still and head space is correct. He could only guess that the ammo was the trouble. For sum reason the gun is starting to pull the round while it is still under pressure. He thinks my new custom rounds will be ok. Told me to start with my light loads. Use only one at a time and try to see if the bolt will stay open after the shot and eject the round. So back to the range. The good new is he said that it will be dead on at 100 if it was a inch hi on 25. Can't wait to get her dialed in.

Thank you agian for all the replys.
I love it around here. Great group of friends.
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Awesome. Let us know how that goes. Glad you had it looked at again. I could only give you my very limited first hand knowledge.

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