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.300 winmag. Used to be money rifle, now every other round is off the target. Winchester rifle w barnes copper.


I missed a chip shot at a pig and then a coyote so I knew something was wrong. Checked the scope screws and they were good. Ran some hopes #9 through the barrel to clean up anything in there today and first 2 rounds were dead on. 3rd round was clean off a 2 ft target. Next round was good and then clean off the target again at 100 yds. Barnes copper 165 grain I've been shooting for years.

Loose scope is usually all over the place so I'm thinking maybe a deep copper cleaning maybe? I'm going to try that and see what happens. After that maybe try a new scope? Any other ideas why it shoots dead on and then fliers so far off? Try different ammo maybe? Never had a rifle do this.


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Since you say "for years" I'd definitely suspect the need to use a cleaning agent that specifically targets copper-fouling. Good ol' Hoppes #9 won't do that.

And it's my understanding that after you've totally cleaned out all the prior copper fouling, it may require a few shots to re-deposit a small amount of copper back in the rifling to be back to real good and spot-on.

If that doesn't get it I'd try a DNZ 1-pc scope mount. Had a situation where I had almost stripped one of the allen screws on the cheapie factory scope mounts that came with the Remington 783. Was very frustrating! It'd go back and forth for a couple of shots on one side... then over to the other side of center, then back over to the other side a lil bit for a few shots. That DNZ mount took care of it though.


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The only time I’ve had such inconsistent and unpredictable shots is when an inexpensive bushnell scope went “bad”. I was in denial about it because the first couple shots were spot on, and then turned into fliers. But after I swapped the scope out, it was on for every shot. I know its a pita, but if you can put another scope on it, it could save you the hours and $ I spent trying to figure it out. Or, if you’ve really shot thousands of rounds through it, the barrel could be shot out.


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You may also want to pull the barreled action and clean the stock insides, incase something slipped inside. I figure that as the barrel heats and expands, something wedged in there would have a greater affect.

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