.32 Seecamp magazine issue, cant load more than 1 round


I went to break in this little .32 and couldnt get more than 1 round in the mag. When inserting 2nd round the 1st round jams up and wont feed down the mag. Is there a trick to these mags like using a loader? It appears the 1st round is tilting a little and that's causing the jam. I only have 1 mag so I couldnt swap out to see if it was a bad mag. Need to get a 2nd mag.




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Oct 5, 2017 - Bought a Seecamp .32 yesterday Handguns: The Semi-automatic Forum. ... I'll take a look at it, but I'm a leather worker and usually make my own. ... FMJ ammo is too long for the magazine unless it is a flat point ammo.

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For information on magazine safety function, study the ... Additionally our .32 & .380 ACP firearms are HOLLOW POINT ONLY. Use of regular FMJ or ball ammo has the potential to cause damage or failure to feed/cycling


So i get some JHPs and go to load a round and the slide wont rack back, only goes 1/4" in back. I cant see anything jamming it up so back to the shop where I bought it who has a gunsmith there who owns one.

One day I hope to make this pistola go bang. My first mouse gun and it cant even squeak. It is a well built pistol. I bought some extended mags, $39 each from Seecamp. The extension allows me to get 3 fingers on the gun, 2 fingers before the addition. I also ordered the extension piece, $30, off ebay to mod the factory mag that came with the gun. I may just leave it stock for small hands, it may fit them better.

I'm not a big fan of the mag release so far, it takes 2 hands to drop a mag. I'm used to pressing a mag release button and letting gravity take over. This gun has the mag release in the mag well and you have to use 1 hand to hold the mag release lever and one to pry the mag out all while holding the gun too. So far i suck on rapid reloading it.

I ordered a Don Hume J100235R leather pocket holster off ebay for $29. Ill try that out to see how it works first.



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