35-pound barracuda leaps into fishing boat


Mar 11, 2001
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July 15, 2002

Joe Julavits, Florida Times-Union

Several years ago, there was a spate of stories about strange behavior being exhibited by Florida's barracudas. Well, they seem to be at it again.

On a trip to the Mayport jetties last week, guide Kirk Waltz and his charter -- Randy Lafever, Jim McCollum, Wally Lee and guest -- were joined by a barracuda in the boat. The estimated 35-pounder hit one of the baits and skyrocketed into the cockpit.

"It was hopping around back there while we all did the Irish two-step," Waltz said. "We finally gaffed it and got it out of the boat. Unbelievable."

The fishing wasn't bad either. Waltz's crew caught 27 redfish to 34 inches and jumped a tarpon.

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