370/380 Flash Enhancer


Jun 17, 2002
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I attended the Buckmaster show in Montgomery, Al. this weekend.  TrailMAC (www.trailsenseengineering.com) had a new digital camera.  This unit uses the D-380 camera.  There is no flash slave, they call it a flash enhancer. The salesman finally ammitted it was a fresnel lense turned around. I'm not sure about the flash range other than he said that it was plenty for the D-380.

I had read the forum "different use of the Fresnel lense" by max http://people.smu.edu/rmonagha/bronfresnel.html#fresnel.
Looking at photography site this seems to be a common practice.  My question:
Has anyone tried this?
Were can you get this type fresnel lense?   About 1" in diameter?

Thanks for any help or input!

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