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.375 for Lefty


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:confused-yellow: I have combed every forum I can find related to left handed 375's to the point that I am on overload. I have narrowed my search to the following two factory rifles:

Browning Stainless Stalker in .375 H&H
Ruger African in .375 Ruger

My plans with the rifle include 1) bison hunt in next two years 2) African plains game within the next five.

What is your take on these two rifles and which one would you choose?????


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Left hand 375

I love my 378 Weatherbys. They are uber 375's. I have a left handed MK5 and am having a Ruger #1 built in the caliber. 270 grains at over 3100 FPS. I have taken game on 3 continents with it. The long range capability is tremendous. I did see a Remington left hand 700 in 375 on guns america I think.


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.375 H&H. There's a reason it's got the market cornered (and has for years) in the .375 market. Assuming the others are similar in performance, the H&H still trumps them all in availability of ammo around the world.


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Hornady and Ruger have been pushing the .375 Ruger in Africa for some time now, so I don't think ammo is going to be terribly difficult to find there. I do like the non belted case on the new round, but to achieve the high velocities touted, you have to shoot factory ammo. The powder they use is proprietary to the cartridge.


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Ruger got my vote--and my $$$

I went back and forth on the H&H -vs- Ruger and went with the latter. Three times. I've got two of those limited edition SS laminates like the one pictured above and an African (blued/23" bbl.).

In general I stay away from any round that is younger than I am, but the .375 Ruger changed my mind. Let me say however that I could have also been very happy with the H&H. They are both great rounds.

A plus for the Ruger: the ballistics are better or equal to the H&H and it doesn't require a magnum length action. A minus: in the factory configuration you'll have a 3 round capacity. In the CZ550 (for example) in .375 H&H you'll have five. For me, the deciding factor was cost of shooting and cost of reloading. I'm STILL trying to convince myself: Hunt more--but fewer guns...Hunt more--but fewer guns...Hunt more--but fewer guns...nevertheless...

I suggest you do a search: 375 Ruger -vs- 375 H&H on google, etc. There are some good and well researched articles out there. Opinions (like mine) are mostly subjective--a few articles I found have some real nuts/bolts data.

In any case--Took mine to Africa this year and punched two zebra, a gemsbuck and a wildebeest with it. I also had a .300 Win. Mag. and a 7x57 (.275 Rigby) to choose from. I could have hunted all the animals with any of them (I took quite a few more than listed). I suppose it was a 'gamble' since the ammo isn't prolific, but I could have purchased some if it had been lost/stolen. As a side note, I hunted this time in South Africa and Namibia. I can't speak for availability in more remote or less hunted areas.

As it turns out, I took the longest shot of my hunt with the .375 Ruger. It stoned a Hartmann's zebra at just under 300 yards. Right front shoulder entry--devastation all the way to the inside of the left 'hip'. (factory 300 gr. DGX ammunition). Don't let anyone fool you. Zebras are damned tough. This old stallion ran up and over the hill he was on--and crashed in a heap on the downhill side about 200 yards away. That's what scarred up his hind quarter so bad. Almost looks like a lion hit him--but it's from where he fell and skidded along. Tough...

Bottom line: I think you'd be happy with either. Find something that realistically fits your budget, your hunting style and your physique. Get some good glass and go hunting!

Cheers...and thanks for the forums Jesse!

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