3x2 muley buck. Sierras. Browning Stalker no flash cam.


This guy was nose to the ground and appeared to be pushing a doe around. I'll post the video once we get the settings fixed to post avi videos on here. That doe is about 30 ft from the camera so thats about the max range for this flash it appears.

New setup with a browning stalker no flash cam and it got some good shots. I hate to move a new cam without seeing the videos on first check so i hope i didnt screw up. I always like to check the background and any movement from bushes and trees before setting it back in same spot.

I just started using these no flash browning cams, I was just using their Red flash browning that are about $15 cheaper. I like the camera, takes decent pics and videos with audio. I wish i had a lock code, Ive had a couple stolen and it would be a good last laugh if they couldnt turn it on. My Moultries had a lock code. Lock code or not should be an option in setup.





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spectr17, I always use lock boxes that lag bolt to anything solid that I can find. If they don't come out prepared (sawzall) there is no way for them to take them without destroying the camera. It's worked for me so far, I have many photos of other hunters staring at the camera and walking off. Looks like a nice bodied deer. I also have a video of that D11 mountain lion I would like to share.


cjack i have lock boxes but cant use them in certain places with nothing to secure them to.

thank PaKnpakOut

Heres the video


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