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6 Day Eastern Sierra Trip


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I recently spent six days doing some back packing and fly fishing up in the sierras with a buddy of mine. We had a very nice trip with fairly decent weather. We saw some beautiful lakes and (thankfully) only one mosquito. It was my first big fly fishing trip, I decided to use mostly flies I tied myself(a lot of which were patterns I kind of made up), and I think I did pretty well(admittedly I've heard the fish up there will bite about anything, but still I'm proud of the fish I caught).

Anybody else use squirrel fur to tie flies? I happened to acquire the tail of a pesky eastern grey squirrel and I used it for tying tails on quite a few flies. They all seemed to work well for me. Does anybody know how much the tail of a fly really matters in comparison to the body and hackle?pine creek pass 184.jpgpine creek pass 186.jpgsierras 9.jpgsierras 8.jpgsierras 7.jpgsierras 5.jpgsierras 4.jpgsierras 3.jpgsierras 2.jpgsierras 1.jpg


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congrats on a great trip
beautiful pics nice fish

gotta love the sierras
pics of your flies?


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Thanks for the comment guys.

Doubletap, here's a couple of my flies. I was pretty much just fishing generic looking dry flies. The first has a tail made of squirrel tail, a herl body, a deer wing, and a white and black hackle. The second has a squirrel tail, a red synthetic dubbed body, white and black mallard flank wing, and an orange hackle. Another fly I used that worked really well, especially when it was windy in the afternoon, was kind of a humpy variation I tied. It had an orange floss body with a black and white palmered hackle underneath the deer hair hump. It had an orange hackle as well. I don't have a picture because I lost it and it was the only one I tied.
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