600 yard Nationals


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Mar 17, 2008
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And you guys wonder why I am on my best behavior!!

NBRSA 600 Nats for '08 are in the book. No National Records were broken.

Don Nielson has donated a new perminent/traveling Match Trophy and presented it to match winner Jerry Tierney.

Jerry Tierney shot an Ellisio 5R Tube Gun (Rem 700 SA) in 6BRX.

Single Target
LG Grp -- Don Nielson/1.482
LG Scr -- Bob Hoppe/49.3
HG Grp -- Rick Duncan/2.505
HG Scr -- Bob Hoppe/98.2

3 Target
LG Grp -- Jerry Tierney/2.460
LG Scr -- Bob Dorton/144.5
HG Grp -- Rick Duncan/3.543
HG Scr -- Bob Hoppe/289.4

LG Grp Agg
1st -- Bob Dorton/3.155
2nd -- Don Nielson/3.349
3rd -- Jerry Tierney/3.615
4th -- Craig St Clair/3.734
5th -- Steve Ikeda/3.826
6th -- Robert Troiani/4.012

LG Scr
1st -- Craig St Clair/271.3
2nd -- Jerry Tierney/263.2
3rd -- Tom Price/263.1
4th -- Andy Anderson/263.1
5th -- Ron Tilley/262.4
6th -- Pete White/261.3

HG Grp Agg
1st -- Pete White/4.506
2nd -- Bob Hoppe/4.789
3rd -- Greg Wilson/4.817
4th -- Jerry Tierney/5.002
5th -- Wally Laursen/5.591
6th -- Ron Telley/5.738

HG Scr
1st -- Jerry Tierney/546.3
2nd -- Pete White/543.3
3rd -- Ron Tilley/541.5
4th -- Craig St Clair/521.5
5th -- Louie Tamagni/517.4
6th -- Steve Zock/514.4

2 Gun Grp
1st -- Pete White/4.301
2nd -- Jerry Tierney/4.308
3rd -- Bob Hoppe/4.413
4th -- Greg Wilson/4.561
5th -- Bob Dorton/4.882
6th -- Ron Tilley/5.004

2 Gun Scr
1st -- Jerry Tierney/809.5
2nd -- Pete White/804.6
3rd -- Ron Tilley/803.9
4th -- Craig St Clair/792.8
5th -- Steve Zock/775.7
6th -- Tom Price/775.4

Leadrer Board
Top 10
1st -- Jerry Tierney/10 (over all match winner/match trophey) 2nd -- Pete White/17 3rd -- Craig St Clair/21 4th -- Ron Tilley/23 5th -- Bob Hoppe/31 6th -- Bob Dorton/40 7th -- Tom Price/42 8th -- Steve Zock/42 9th -- Greg Wilson/45 10th -- Jim Gallant/51 Reply With Quote <http://www.benchrest.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=408631>

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