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73 inch Utah buck


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Been a good year for me, I've filled all my big game tags. First time that's ever happened to me lol. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to draw a CWMU (Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit) Pronghorn tag near my home here in Utah. This tag allowed me to hunt a 5,000 acre private ranch in Utah's West Desert. Opening morning My boys and I headed out to the ranch, and found a group of about 30 speedgoats. There were 5 or 6 bucks in the group, We watched them for an hour or so while I was busy deciding which one was getting the lead injection. There were two really nice bucks, one had the length but small cutters and the other was shorter by an inch or so, but had mass for days and good prongs. I settled on the buck that had the mass. I got settled in for the shot that was maybe a hundred yards tops and once he cleared the does I sent one shot from my home-built .260 Ackley Improved. the 143 ELD-X found its mark and dropped him in his tracks. Best part was having my boys with me to experience the hunt. antelope.jpgpronghorn 2.jpgpronghorn 3.jpg


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Yes sir ! and to Have a couple of younge ones to follow in the foot steps most be outstanding !


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That speed goat was no match for your artillery.....lol
Nice pics! Wtg thnx 4 sharing!.....tra

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Nice buck! I was out in Utah as well this year for antelope. Shot one very similar to yours. It was a blast.

dustin ray

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Congrats on your success on a nice buck and god for you getting your boys out there
And good call on moving to Utah


Congrats on your success, looks like those boys are chomping at the bit to fill their own tags some day.

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