8/9/08: JHO 3/4 day Fishing trip - SoCal (bring kids)


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Aug 8, 2002
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I chartered a boat through my buddies at 976Tuna.com. Our target is about 50-60 people, and we have around 40 right now. Looking for anyone that wants to get their line wet, first timers, or dad's/mom's with kids. Unfortunately, I won't be on this trip, as they switched the day on me and I have a wedding that I will be shot for not attending.

Date: Saturday 8/9/2008
3/4 day fishing from 7AM to 5PM
Maximum number of anglers = 60 (first come, first served)

"Southern Cal" out of Pierpoint in Long Beach (near the aquarium).

The Southern Cal holds a max of 70, but we are aiming for 50 with a max of 60 since there will be some kids there that don't take up as much space and don't fish all day. We will most likely stay local, but may head out to Catalina if the bite is on.

The boat fare will be around $60 per person. It all depends on the number of people we have.

Other expenses:
rod/reel rental + tackles (hooks and sinkers) = $10 (or bring your own)
1 day fishing license = $12.60 (buy your own at Sporting Goods Store or Wal-Mart)
Plastic license holder = $1.5 (or bring your own, one days just pin to your hat)
sack for holding fish = $1 (or bring your own)
tips for the crew = $3
fish cleaning = extra
food, drinks = bring your own or buy on the boat (no glass, or large coolers on the boat)

You can PM, or reply back to me here, or call the guys I've delegated the trip to (just tell them Ted told you to call)

If you have any questions, you can email or call us.
Frankie Chau: frank2u8 AT yahoo DOT com
Albert Choi: choi888 AT pacbell DOT net


Mar 11, 2001
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Hey Ted, long time no post. I'd love to go but we've got a booth going at Bass PRo that day.

Maybe another boat in Aug later?

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