8 Bore Jones Underlever


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I know it has been many months since I have update this build or my blog at all for that matter. I’ve had a few set backs with this project and ended up missing the delivery deadline. First real set-back was when my milling machine broke the main drive gear in the geared head unit. In any case the video below is the current state of the 8 Bore, basically all of the metal work is complete and it is ready to be inlet into wood. Since I missed the delivery deadline on this project and this was being built on a trade deal I had worked out, I simply returned the Trade rifle to the customer with compensation for delivery of his rifle to me and for the small amout of shooting I did with it while it was in my possession. Unfortunately that leaves this 8 Bore as a speculation build in my shop, so I’m going to set it on a back burner and work on it as time permits. I’ll be moving on to the next paying project shortly.

If anybody would like to buy up this 8 Bore project please email or call me to discuss it, my contact information can be found at the Stolzer Gunsmithing.

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Thanks for posting that.

Wow, it seems like something that would be mounted on a battleship.

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