8 days in the back country


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I recently got back my my 8 day backpacking bow hunt with my buddy. Over the course of our hunt, we hiked about 65 miles at 8000'-9000' seeing 27 deer (but only 1 buck...125 yards) and 8 bears. Shot 3x at a nice bear... 1x at 55 yards but hit a branch, 2nd missed at 72 and 3rd skirted his belly at 81. This lesson taught me to practice more at those longer distances. I also need to take a longer time to settle my breathing when chasing down an animal. I had to do a fast trot for about 150 yards over down trees and branches in a canyon to get on this bear. Of the 8 bears we saw, 6 were off limits seeing 2 families of 3 bears. We also saw about 10-12 fawns still in spots. I've never seen so many babies between the deer and bears. It's nice to see the populations bouncing back so soon after one good winter. The next couple of years should be phenomenal.

We didn't harvest any animals on this trip but learned a lot and added to our lifetime of memories. I'm heading back there in a week on a solo hunt for 4 days to chase down a brute of a bear that I keep running into his nest overlooking a huge alpine meadow. This is the third year I've found his beds overlooking this particular meadow, so I figured he's a sold bear given that he's been able to maintain his claim to all that plush alpine grass.

There is a ton of water and grass at the alpine this year. Some spots have the grass up to my chest and I'm 6'! This is compared to the last few years where the grass is usually around 12".

I'm sure I'll be back there a couple of more long weekends during rifle season. I also have a week long horse packing trip with three of my buddies where we'll be dropped off 15-20 miles back and picked up a week later. From there we'll hike up to the ridges and glass some amazing country over old burns and alpine meadows.

Man I love this time of the year!!!


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In my book you can't beat being back in deep with no one else around! Its the best

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