A.C. Plug maker sets new Nevada striped bass record


Mar 11, 2001
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NEW NEVADA RECORD STRIPER -- matthews column 21mar01

A.C. Plug maker sets new Nevada striped bass record

By JIM MATTHEWS Outdoor News Service

    Perhaps thankfully, Allan Cole doesn't count how many times he casts his huge, homemade plugs when he's after trophy fish.
    It had been a long dry spell for Cole, the Bullhead City angler who designed the famous A.C. Plug. Prior to last Thursday, Cole had fished for 30 days on the waters of Lake Mohave and the Willow Beach area of the Colorado River for striped bass and had exactly one strike. That strike turned out to be a 19-pounder.
    Last Thursday, Cole was getting down to the point where you say each cast is your last. It was one of the first truly warm days of the year and Cole was thinking more about a nap than a trophy fish.
    "I'd gotten up at 4 a.m. and was on the water by a little after five," said Cole, formerly a long-time Lancaster resident and well-known in the Southern California fishing community. "I was thinking it was another one of those days. I was getting ready to leave."
    Then he made another one of those "last casts."
    Something big thumped the 12-inch lure, but missed it. Then it swirled again and started following the big bait, engulfing it. Cole knew it was a big fish, but he didn't think it was as big as it was until he had it along side the boat and safely in the huge net he uses.
    The striper weighed 63 pounds at the Cottonwood Marina scale. That weight surpasses the Nevada state record of 60.14-pounds caught by Herman Britz of Las Vegas a couple of season ago. The fish is also just shy of the Colorado River (and Arizona State) record of 67.1-pounds caught by Jeff Smith of Henderson, Nev.
    All three of the huge stripers were caught on Cole's homemade A.C. Plugs, perhaps the most effective lure ever designed for big largemouth bass and stripers. Cole's tally has 78 stripers over 40 pounds caught on his plug, with Cole catching 18 of them himself.
    The success of the big bait with largemouth bass, however, is what has given the lure nationwide fame. Bart Crabb, author of the book, "Quest for the World Record Bass" is blunt when he says Cole's A.C. Plug is "the best big bass lure ever made." Crabb says it has caught more largemouth bass over 10 pounds in its short existence than any lure in history.
    With its success, Cole even had the plug manufactured under a contract with the Fred Arbogast lure company for a couple of seasons until Arbogast was sold. Anglers who had fished by the Arbogast lure and those made by Cole himself, say Arbogast's version was pretty dismal. Allan began selling his homemade A.C. Plugs to local tackle shops again, mostly here in Southern California and on the Colorado River.
    Recently, Cole signed a new contract with Luhr-Jensen, a Northwest lure maker, and his homemade versions are going to become scarce commodities. Under the contract, Allan can only supply his homemade lures to two stores in Southern California (Gallion's in Castaic and Fish'n Fools in Granada Hills). This won't be a big deal if Luhr-Jensen does a better job of making the production lure than Arbogast did. But you might want to stock up just in case.
    The results from last week just prove yet again, that the A.C. Plug can catch the whoppers.

Pic are coming folks.


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Mar 19, 2001
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Looks like big bass have no problem swallowing the AC plug.  But I can't swallow the $20 price.  Thats three Bombers or pencil poppers.
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