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A few pix from La Paz last weekend


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A friend and I took our 10-year old sons down to La Paz for 4 days and nights on a boat, fishing. No marlin, but we did land 5 pretty big dorados! The boys did very well on the boat with limited space, etc. My son, in particular, loved it. On the lat night, he stood on the fantail and announced, "Dad, I think I was born for the sea!"

My son, Michael, won the coin toss for the first hook up, so he landed a little skipjack -

Here he is, fighting his first dorado with some help from Cap'n Chris Jones -

This is the one he was fighting -

Here's both boys with their first dorado - the other boy is Joshua

This is the first day's catch -

This is the biggest one, caught on the last day. Mikey fought it for about 40 minutes before handing the pole to me.

Michael even loved swabbing the decks, humming "Yo ho, yo ho..." while he did so.

Here's "Cap'n Mike" driving the boat on the last night.

Finally, this is the boat we fished from - not that big for 6 people!



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Wow, those were some nice Dorado! That is my favorite fish to eat. Trips like this your son will remember for a lifetime!


Nice Dorados! I've only fished for them in the FL Keys, and they are a blast. Especially the big ones!

Cudos to you for taking the boys, their smiles say it all.

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