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Jul 7, 2006
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Hunting Tag/Stamp Accountability Measure Passes Off Senate Floor – Despite threats of opposition from animal rights organizations and other groups, SB 1172, by Senator Bob Dutton (R-Inland Empire), easily passed the California State Senate on Thursday by a bipartisan vote of 39-0. The bill, which is sponsored by COHA and supported by numerous hunting and conservation interests throughout California , would provide much-needed accountability and transparency over the use of hunting license tag and stamp revenues.

SB 1172 was introduced in response to continued revelations over the misuse of certain hunter-generated monies within state government. To help address this ongoing problem over the long-term, the measure would ensure that separate fiscal accounts are provided for all such monies and that they can only be used for certain game species conservation and hunting purposes. The bill would also require the Fish and Game Commission to publicly verify that any proposed expenditure of hunting license tag and stamp money would, in fact, be used for game species conservation or hunting purposes. In addition, SB 1172 would require the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) to consult with hunting-related conservation groups on proposed projects that would be funded from the accounts, while allowing such groups to assist DFG with much-needed habitat protection efforts. Finally, the measure would require that any land that is acquired with hunting license tag or stamp revenue be open for, or provide access to, public hunting opportunities.

COHA Helps Protect Hunting Opportunity in State Recreation Areas – COHA is pleased to announce that the Governor, in his May Revise, has dropped a plan to close 48 State Park properties. The Governor’s original budget proposal included closing Picacho State Recreation Area (SRA), in Imperial County , and Woodson Bridge SRA, in Tehama County , both of which provide, or facilitate access to, waterfowl and upland game bird hunting opportunity. If the Legislature adopts the Governor’s latest State Park funding proposal, no hunting opportunity or access would be lost. As this proposal moves through the State Legislature, COHA staff will continue to lobby lawmakers to keep these Recreation Areas open to hunting and other public uses.

Upcoming Events – Petaluma area sportsman have come together to help COHA promote and protect our outdoor heritage by hosting a dinner event at the Petaluma Veteran Hall on July 25th. Join fellow sportsman in kicking off the upcoming the hunting season by attending the event. Call Rick Bulloch for details at (916) 606-6039.

California Houndsmen for Conservation unite with COHA in hosting a sportsman event in Thornton on August 2nd at the Our Lady of Fatima Society Portuguese Hall. Help support the Houndsmen’s right to hunt with dogs by attending this great event. Call Rick Bulloch for details at (916) 606-6039.

COHA partners once again with the California Legislature Outdoor Sporting Caucus on August 5th to host a shotgun shooting event that educates members of the legislature and their staff on the fun and safe handling of firearms. COHA along with NWTF, NRA-ILA, CDA, SF Bay Chapter SCI, CCPOA, Sportsman Channel/Comcast, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation and the National Association of Sportsman's Caucuses join together to sponsor this great outreach event.

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