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A Happy Fathers Day it is! BHS Fundraiser tag


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Wednesday started off just like any other day. A cup of coffee and checking email at 4:30 am I did not even know results were out. So I opened up the link to the DFW results not expecting anything more than a X9A Deer tag. Cool I drew! I was sure of that going into the draw with 4 points but nothing more as I only held 10 points across the board for sheep, goats and elk. As I scrolled down, there it was. One of the ten sheep fundraiser apps I purchased had that beautiful Y next to it. At first its total disbelief and then it brought tears to my eyes. Back to I can’t believe it. DFW called later that day and confirmed it. I’ve been applying in three states with the thought that I would never get the opportunity to hunt a bighorn in my lifetime. And here it is a reality!
I feel truly blessed, John


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I guess dreams do come true. Congratulations to you. Hopefully you'll keep us informed. Happy father's day to you!


Congratulations on your fantastic sheep tag draw. Be great to talk to you about your upcoming sheep hunt. I have a great deal of experience in the Old Dads. Sent you a PM. My son was lucky this year too and drew San Gorgonio Wilderness sheep tag. So excited!

Look forward to talking sheep with you.

Terry Anderson
760 408 7118
San Gorgonio Wilderness Oufitters
facebook @ SanGorgonioOutfitters


Amazing draw. Your in for the experience of a lifetime. The presentation that you have to go to pick up your tag, is awesome. When I drew Cady Mountains zone 9 in 2012-2013, there were like 6 hunters at the seminar and like 23 people there to help support them. Wardens, biologists, guides, members of the sheep societies etc.

I opted to not hire a guide, but I had two great and experienced friends that came along to help and that was the minimum support crew that you might want. I did 3 multi day trips to my zone and saw legal rams everyday. Made a 9 hour stalk on one only to pass on it. Next trip found a better one and 11 hours later, it was RAM DOWN!!!

Get ready for some serious loose rock, steep terrain hiking and enjoy every minute of it.


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