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a MAC-1 steroid gun! think a pellet silencer is Cali legal?


like my other thread illuminated, i am in the airgun mix. i bought my vintage Sheridan Blue streak. i called Mac-1 to discuss modifications. he really bumps up the power. he gets the gun capable of taking 14 pumps, installs some billet parts, and installs a really cool peep sight if requested. i chose this gun because of Mac-1.

he just patented a silencer for the thing!! a quiet airgun with .22 rimfire power would be amazing.

any input? ATF laws are so confusing. is a airgun silencer even legal in california?
Here's the deal on air gun silencers and ATF. As far as ATF is concerned an airgun silencer has to be registered like a firearm silencer. HOWEVER, the Federal courts overruled ATF on this in 2010. IF a suppressor is made for an air gun and ONLY for an air gun and there is zero evidence that it is intended to be used on a firearm or is made for a firearm, it does not have to be registered. ATF has not acknowledged the ruling but they haven't prosecuted anyone either since 2010 as far as I'm aware unless there is evidence the person intended to use the suppressor for a firearm or the suppressor could easily fit a firearm. Since 2010 air gun suppressor gurus have come above ground and sell suppressors for air guns openly on line.

My 2 Marauders come from the factory suppressed with a shroud and baffles and I've modified the shrouds to make them more quiet.

Now as far as California state law is concerned, I can't help you there. You might check to see if Benjamin Marauders can legally be sold or owned there. They are suppressed from the factory. It would be weird for California to prohibit air gun suppressors but openly sale suppressed air guns.

BTW, Mac-1 is celebrated in the air gun community as one of the elite air gun smitheries. Congrats on your gun.
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