A McCain-Lieberman ticket?


Jun 10, 2002
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A McCain-Lieberman ticket?
Joe-mentum slants too far right for Democrats, but it would (believe it or not) move the Republicans toward the center.

By Walter Shapiro

June 18, 2008 | TRUMBULL, Conn. -- More than almost anyone in public life, Joe Lieberman knows from experience how to finesse a vice-presidential question. At the end of an impromptu press conference after a visit to discuss global warming with sixth graders here on Monday, Al Gore's 2000 veep pick was asked if he would be John McCain's running mate this time around. "No," Lieberman says flatly, as if the question were as ludicrous as his joining the antiwar movement. All Lieberman would add when prodded by a follow-up question is, "I think in this, as in so much else, [McCain] has his head screwed on right. I think he's looking for somebody who shares his priorities and would be capable of being president."


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