"A package" for pitching product/software ideas


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Aug 20, 2001
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Does anyone have any experience in putting together packages for pitching product &/or software ideas to investors? Money down the toilet or well spent? I am a bit nervous about the $ & time investment but there is some potential create a decent sized tech company. First-timer at this and there are a lot of moving parts that aren't in my areas of expertise.

I'm being quoted $7500 which seems pretty cheap but the owner of the consulting group also wants an equity stake...I'd also get introductions and meetings set up with angel investors here in Salt Lake for starters.

...includes Market Due Diigence for the device & software
*pricing surveys/analysis
*product roadmap features & functionality (i do this but it gets fancied up)
*target buy demographic
*online/in-person focus group outreach and reporting compilations
*marketing plan strategies and tactics
*business plan development consulting
*executive team networking & recommendations
*financial model (where I substantiate asking for $$)

*on-going marketing consulting
*website etc.

This is all under an NDA umbrella I had created and am seeking a provisional patent....so, busy times for Bill

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