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Nov 14, 2001
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I decided to abandon the search for a super cheap camera to use for my trail cams.  Most of the cheaper ones I've look at have weak flashes and/or eat batteries.

As a lot of you may know finding an Owl PF is getting hard to do.  I've seen them at Target, but not many.

I found some places on Yahoo Shopping that were selling them, and one had free shipping for $100+ orders.  I ordered 2 Owls and a 4-pack of film for 107.85 so basically go the film for what sales tax would have been at Target if they had them in stock.

If you're interested, go to Yahoo Shopping and do a search for "owl date pf".  Find the listing from Bobs Club.  When I bought mine the shipping charge shows up in the total page, but was deducted when charged to my credit card.  I did leave a note about it in the comments section just to be safe.  I ordered them the week after Christmas and they just got here, but considering the holidays and slow shipping right now I'm not upset.  I figure normally it would take about 5 days to get it.

The cameras are brand new in the box and come as the kit with case, batteries, and lense care kit.

For those having trouble finding the cameras and are wanting to buy more than one, this will save some time and a little money.


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