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Mar 11, 2001
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A stock answer to where fine money goes

January 22, 2002

By DAVE STREGE, The Orange County Register

Ever wonder where the money goes when anglers pay a fine after being cited for fishing without a license or being over the limit?

Money collected from fines in Orange County last year will go into park lakes this year.

In an ironic twist, crime pays for fish.

Each year, Harbors, Beaches and Parks receives fine money from the Department of Fish and Game. Each year, the county entity spends the money on fish plants.

Ninety percent of the $14,000 of fine money will go toward stocking catfish at Carbon Canyon, Craig, Yorba, Irvine and Mason regional park lakes.

The remaining 10 percent will be saved for planting large rainbow trout at Mile Square Park Lake before the April 6 kids' fishing derby.

Sometime this week, Craig Park in Fullerton, Carbon Canyon Park in Brea and Yorba Park in Anaheim will be stocked with catfish averaging 21/2 pounds from St. Anthony's Fish Farm.

Craig will receive 500 pounds, Carbon Canyon 400 pounds and Yorba 1,500 pounds.

Sometime next week, Irvine in Orange and Mason in Irvine receives 1,750 and 350 pounds, respectively.

Like the DFG, the county isn't making public the exact day or time of the stocking so as to avoid a mad dash to greet the hatchery truck.

Park hours this time of year are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., said Tom Klems, parks district supervisor.

"Obviously, our parks are occasionally patrolled by DFG wardens and will cite people that don't have a fishing license," Klems said.

In which case, the fish-stocking cycle continues.
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