A11 / X-6a Info?


Jan 8, 2009
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I was lucky enough to draw the California A11 archery tag. I am now starting the planning and scouting process. I have never been up that way and was wondering if anyone has hunted or scouted it recently.

I am looking to shoot my first buck. Of course I would like it to be a big one, but I will also not hesitate to put an arrow in the first legal buck I can get a clean shot on.

I am thinking I want to hunt the timber areas more than the open sagebrush flats.

If anyone has any info they could share on this zone it would be greatly appreciated.

I am not sure if anyone would be interested but, me and a group of guys hunted Clear Lake Zone 2 Antelope last year and I would be more than happy to share what we learned.

Thanks in advance and good luck to everyone this season!


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Sep 20, 2007
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I can't help you out MUCH as I've never actually hunted there.... But when my party was trying to decide between A6 and A11 (we ultimately chose A6) I was looking to start scouting just West of Antelope Lake.. Reason being there was a fire there in 2008 called the Moonlight fire. I don't know how bad the fire burned, but chances are there is new vegetation growing which usually means deer will be in the area or on the edges of the burn. Let me know how it all goes! I've been interested in hunting that zone for awhile now!
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