Abundant Catfish Await The Lake Pahoja Angler For


Mar 11, 2001
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Abundant Catfish await the Lake Pahoja angler for 2003

By Jim Berquist
Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Feb 2003

I had just set down my pole and was overlooking the lake when I noticed another bite, I set the hook and 5 minutes later I landed a nice pan-sized catfish, my fifth of the night. I remember thinking as I gathered up my stringer of cats, ranging from 3 to 6 pounds, that it took me longer to drive to Lake Pahoja then to catch my limit of catfish.

Thanks to a long-term cage catfish program, conducted by the Lyon County Conservation Board, channel catfish have been very successful in Lake Pahoja. Located just north of Inwood, in northwest Iowa, the lake is readily known for its incredible panfish fishery, however, the abundant channel catfish population should not be overlooked in this 72-acre artificial impoundment.

“Lake Pahoja has an excellent population of 14 to 24-inch fish with good opportunities to catch large trophy sized fish,” said Jim Christianson regional fisheries biologist. “During past sampling seasons catchable sized channel catfish were sampled consistently in good numbers and again during the fall 2002 sample we observed large number of nice channel catfish, indicating an abundant population currently exists in Lake Pahoja.”

Lake Pahoja has excellent shoreline access for anglers. Best fishing success occurs on the south side of the lake, however good opportunities also exist on the north side. A new fishing pier recently completed by the Lyon County Conservation Board provides easy access. Fish near the numerous brush piles located throughout the lake. It would be a good idea to use heavy gear to withstand the “cats” runs into these excellent fish holding structures. Anglers can catch catfish throughout the year, with the best fishing occurring shortly after ice out and lasting through June. Traditional baits, such as stink bait, produce well; however, those seeking large trophy size fish should use cut baits extensively.

Lake Pahoja is an important part of the multi-use recreation of Lyon County. A decline of catfish anglers has been noted at Lake Pahoja and anglers are encouraged to take advantage of the hard fighting, excellent tasting fish that is readily available. Lake maps and other information on Lake Pahoja is available by calling the Lyon County Conservation at 712-753-2313 or the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (712-336-1840).

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