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Mar 2, 2009
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Over the past year CCA Washington and our allies have been working with key legislators to secure funding to make needed improvements to our state’s aging hatchery system. In fact, last session we worked with leaders on the Capital Budget Committee to find funding for several state hatcheries in need of repairs and upgrades. We also testified before a legislative committee last month about the immense need that exists.
Recently, both the House and Senate Capital Budget Chairs unveiled what is being called the 2012 “Jobs Creation Package”. This is essentially a package of state public works and infrastructure projects. The House version, authored by Chairman Hans Dunshee (D-44-Snohomish), includes over $70M in funding for WDFW projects, including:

· Needed hatchery improvements and upgrades
· Fish passage improvements
· Outdoor recreation and marine access improvements (ramps / launches)

Most of these are turn-key projects that have already been identified by WDFW as priority projects. Under the Dunshee proposal, WDFW would see the largest infusion of capital into our State’s fisheries infrastructure in decades. As you may know, many of our hatcheries are in disrepair and out of compliance with regulatory/hatchery reform requirements. The projects would be far reaching, impacting nearly every corner of the State and everything in between.

Unfortunately, the Senate proposal provides no funding for WDFW hatchery/fishery infrastructure.
This is where you come in. This is a rare opportunity to provide significant resources to improve hatcheries, help strengthen our economy and build a world class fishery. Recreational fishing is a major economic engine for our state, but could be much better.
We are asking anyone and everyone who has an interest in the future of our State’s Fisheries to contact their three legislators immediately, asking them to support the Dunshee Jobs proposal that funds much needed improvements to our State Fish Hatcheries, Passage Ways and Marine Access Areas.
Over 700,000 Washington recreational anglers fish each year. Imagine what we could accomplish if just 1% of all recreational anglers contacted their legislators on this issue.
POST ON BLOGS AND CALL YOUR FRIENDS…We need to get the word out immediately because investing in recreational fishing is good for our state’s economy.

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