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ADA complaint

I am sure I am not the only one to experience the disgust I have with my state to the point that I can not Wait to leave here for ever.

I am disabled unlike a lot of disabled I got my issues from Injuries from being a good solider. I always thought that it made me a good person and a patriot.
I did not know my state and country would make me a second class citizen.
I have even been told by kim at fish and game if I kill a deer or hog and can not reach it from the road I would need to leave it.

Lately I have sat at my new home and watched agency's block access to an area I moved hopping to fish the pond behind my home to be blocked up like a prison I guess I bought this one in the wrong place to inaccessible.

On July 06 2013 me and my family went to Wrights Lake ,CA for are vacation before we could get my accessible assisitive UTV un packed we were told that if I used it I would be sited / ticketed so much for seeing a natural wonder so we left no vacation for us.
So today I called the ranger station in placer vile,CA the lady I talked to Said they needed to be corrected and she connected me to another lady I think was named robin I left a message for her to return my call. I must be clear The lady at WrightsLake that we told of my disabilities I don't recall her name she was short in stature and has a speech impediment was very nice and help full. However she told her boss of my condition this was not except able for him and said he would site me. This is un believable for any disabled person not to be able to use what is necessary. Non ADA forested camp grounds should be closed for all. Not for use for a special class.

I believe this is waste full and even illegal being Not allowed to use a UTV for hunting
going to see the falls in state parks or on other lands reserved for those able bodied people.
The disabled are banned from fishing from docks using wheeled or tracked devices to travers trails off road areas. how ever foot traffic and horse's are allowed.
These states make me discussed to live in a Country that takes the freedom I stood for away for any reason.
Thank god you law makers were not here in 1776 and so on we would never of had this nation.
So in time I will leave and never have been able to see the things in this state. You call this a state for the people this is not true.

I leave you with a statement once used by a great President

All men are created equal endowed by his creator with certain unalienable rights.

I need your help to change the law.

Ted Thompson


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Im sorry to hear you had such problems here in CA I understand how you feel. Thank you for serving and protecting our little freedom that we still have


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Sounds like a bunch of $hit to me. Sorry and thank you for your service to the USA. There has got to be someone or some group that can do some ass chewing on people that deny you access where access should be warranted by a physical disability, what the hell is going on this aint right maybe hire a dam good lawyer and see if you can sue the crap out of the parks /state/gov/ whoeverthehell unless they do something about it and get this crap fixed.


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Ted, I feel for you. The fact is that, if it is a trail (or something of greater improvement) that can be walked by able bodied people, it should be accessible to the handicapped; that was the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Off trail may be a totally different story. However, if your dealing with the national forest or national park, I don't see it changing if you move states. Have you wrote the national forest/park service at the national level? There are also plenty of advocacy groups with legal departments, that would most likely be more than willing to assist you. I do however have a suggestion that I hope does not offend you, I suggest that anything you write to official agencies, you have proof read for spelling and grammatical errors, to improve your odds.

Best wishes!

I can see this turning into a class action legal case. I can also see someone in Teds condition, using some kind of mechanized equipment to access the foot paths.... being cited, arrested... and retiring due to the stupidity of some of these administrative bodies. Ted, you need to have some discussions with advocacy groups that specialize in ADA and or 504.


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Don't go suing then we will pay the consequences
First of all let me give a big thank you for serving. I must also say that my first thought was here we go with suing everyone. My friend has a burger shop that got sued after being open and the same layout for 36years. Than one day they got a letter that said they were being sued for a bunch of money and the guy also wanted changes to the shop layout. They crazy part was were he said he wanted big bucks because of the pain and stress. The letter said that on a number of occasions he was sad and let down when he could not eat breakfast with his family and friends. ( remember this is a burger shop. open for lunch and dinner only) The letter went on to say how he could not park close and how he could not even get in the shop for his breakfast. Turns out the guy sued 3-6 shops in this same town. All under the same reasons. In the end the town pulled together and paid to help the small shop pay for sum changes and defend its self. Needless to say the shop is well and doing good. People will always help when its needed and when its the right thing to do. The shop got a new door and ramp and also a parking spot. oh. silly guy with stories got nothing. one of the other shops in town had the money to fight him and make sure it was clear he was just up to no good. wanted a free walk in life. Its cuz of people like him that its hard to know who needs help and who just wants to have things there way.

I hope they do help you with your needs and that more vets can get out doors and have fun. I just also hope its done in the right way and not just make more tax bills for all of us here. Thank you again for serving. We may not have everything just how it should b... but we are still the best country around.

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