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After reading my camera manual i noticed that i stated, to avoid fuzzy pics, you need to make sure the AF Emitter and the Light metering sensors were not blocked.  Well I noticed that as i built my housing i only cut holes for the camera lens and the flash, the AF emitter and the light metering sensor are located to the left of the view finder which i cut no hole for.  As i looked at others cameras it looks as if they didn't allow for this too.  Does anyone know if this is necessary or not, does it effect the pics?  or is it ok to cover up.  To me it seems that it being in the dark housing would be the same difference as being outside in the dark.  Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks guys.  Hookingbull


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Mar 13, 2001
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I don't worry about any of the sensors

Altho for cosmetics I go ahead and cut out a little 3/8" half-circle in the Lens Hole for the Sensor under the Lens.  It just looks good to people who don't know --makes it look like you went an extra step   ;)

I am guessing that the Focus is set on Infinity by default which means it's pretty much in focus from, what, 4 to 6 feet to infinity.  If on object is closer that this then the focus would be adjusted automatically (if the 2 sensors were not covered that is)

Most Cheaper Point & Shoot cams are FIXED focus and are setup the same way (and their pix's are ok)

As for as the flash not working in Auto-Mode, (not flashing in daylight)  sometimes I  think it might be a good idea for security reasons but decided not to worry about it.  Some of the guys mention they like the flash to "Fill In" the shadows in daylight anyway....

In other words, most of us don't worry about the sensors being covered and the PF takes good pix's anyway.


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