Affordable long range rifle scope suggestions?

Brush Hunter

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I'm looking for a new scope for my 30-06. I currently have a Nikon Monarch 4-16X40, nikoplex? something like that.. anyways. I want something a little more clearer and powerful at distances of 300-500 yds. I'm leaning towards a Nikon Monarch 5-20x44, BDC. Has anyone ever owned or used one of these scopes? My budget is about $600 tops out the door. I'm open to suggestions if you know of anything equal to or better. Thanks!


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I have had a Nikon pro staff that was very clear and had great light gathering ability for the money. Don't know if this one is above or below the monarch line.

Also, a sleeper that has a great growing reputation is Vortex Optics. They are a relatively newer brand but with a good rep.


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Bush Hunter,

You're in Sacramento. Go see my friend, Mike at CS Tactical in Elk Grove. He'll hook you up. Tell him Cha sent you and tell him your budget. For that price the Vortex Hunter Series scopes will work perfect for you. The PST second focal plane is still a little above that price, but the Hunter Series is pretty much a PST w/o the target turrets and illumination. Again, go see Mike he'll beat anyone's price online and in stores.


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I have a couple of the Monarch scopes on my prairie dog rifles. They work well for me. The side focus is a needed feature.

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