Aging my venison


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Looks good!
Bankrunner, see how easy this is? Even John can do it! ;)
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Looks wonderful, nothing like a good stew on a cold day.
I'll give it a try...:)
Cut venison into cubes, salt, pepper and let venison come to room temp under paper towel (aging), then roll them in flour and add to medium hot pan with olive oil and brown for a bit.
In a stew pot combine onions, carrots and yams with some soup stock and bring to a simmer.
Add venison and simmer until venison is fork tender. Salt and pepper to taste.
Think that's pretty close, not sure on the those yams or if the there are other secret ingredients.
The pictures are really nice, and don't get me wrong they are appreciated but a written description of the recipe would be helpful:)
Thanks guys!


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Very close to what I actually did. You forgot about the Idaho potatoes, a little bit of celery. Soup stock was just a bouillon cube. Yes it was olive oil. I do change my ingredients some since I don't use recipes. I just "wing it" most of the time.
Some of my non hunting friends are always asking what I do with all the venison? My basic answer is "anything I want to". Venison stew is actually not one of my top dishes but it just sounded good yesterday.
Some things I do more often.
I do a lot of stir fry with vegetables.
Seasoned and grilled steak works well, a little easier since I got a Jaccard tenderizer few years ago.
Cubed and floured steak pieces is a meal my wife and son really like a lot.
Venison burger gets used for a variety of things also.


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Dang Opah that looks like you are a gourmet cook. I'm just a simple country boy.
When I get creative I will do some venison kabobs on the grill, usually as appetizers. If I didn't eat while cooking I don't think I would get any. Every time I take them in the house they disappear.

Of course there is a variety of ways to do chili with venison also.

Easy camp meal with NO leftovers.
Cube some venison pieces. Steak or roast don't matter. Season and brown in a large skillet. Any chili seasoning you like. After the meat is browned dump in a can of your favorite chili beans and simmer for a few minutes. Serve with warm tortillas. I have never had leftovers when in deer camp with this. Basically a one pot meal and relatively fast to cook.
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Sounds very good, I offen use Cream of Mushroom soup in the same way except slow cooking, just before heading out on the evening hunt, Pick a meat, Chick Beef ? don't matter Raw into a pot, cam of cream soup, mushroom chick , cellery, and a can of water, low Fire for couple hours, all super tender, meat juices make gravy with the soup. a pleaser every time.


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