Air Venturi Introduces the Air Venturi 4500 psi Air Compressor No more searching to fill your tanks, DIY.


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How much did it cost to have a 74 cu ft filled? expensive hobby there Jesse you up to about $4 or 5000.00 on this rifle and accessories.
Hey not knocking it, it must be nice. Maybe some Saturday or Sunday we can hook up in the canyon I'll bring my one lunger 1650 fps and 1250 fps and we can see how far these rifles can reach out and touch some bunny.

Also get the warranty that is one tight pump, the tolerance on the seals has to be next to "0" Zero, and keep the parts guide.
Happy squirrel popping there Jesse


$15 a fill at local paintball/gun shop opah. Its not really the cost, its lugging that tank around. But that compressor is kind of spendy, probably 10 years before i break even if i get it.

I just got a FX wildcat gdog. my first PCP rifle.

Bullfrog 31581

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Very cool Jesse! What caliber is your Wildcat?

BTW, I also switched to a compressor recently. I used to hand pump. A compressor and scuba tank increased my enjoyment of the hobby 10 fold.

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