Almost finished with my first homebrew cam.



Hey guys i am so amaized with how easy it has been to ALMOST complete my first cam.  If it weren't for this board i would never even have attempted to pull this off.  Thanks for all the support and excellent post.  I have told everone I know about this board and just wait to the guys at the camp see my cam.  Ok I through now. Man its so exciting.  MY question?  I have complete everything except for wiring in the camera.  I ran a few simple tests with power added and the led light clicks on and off as its suppose to.  I noticed that it takes about 30 sec for it to warm up then the led turns off as i wave my hands the light comes back on for about 10 t0 15 seconds then cuts back off and so on.  I can't help but think that if i have saome deer feeding on a plot, that my cam may wast the entire roll on those deer especially if they sit there for awhile.  This has prompted me to maybe check into a timer?  What do you guys think?  Also, I have read may post about different cameras going to sleep and all that mess, before i buy what type works well with the Cooper/mainstay/ PIR formally Regent MS20?  Everthing has went so well up to this point, I want to take the easy/safe route from here on out.  Iam a firm believer, that you need to learn form others mistakes, it saves you headaches and $$$$.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Again, Awsome board,  I'm pumped!!    Hookingbull


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Mar 12, 2001
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Hello H'bull!  Welcome aboard!

To answer your first question, Tinhorn already has provided a shematic for a two stage timer that will not only keep your Canon Owl from going to sleep, but will also keep the same deer (hopefully) from burning up a whole roll of film at once.  Also, if you are using the MS20 sensor, there is a schematic for a very simple one shot timer elsewhere on this site that I posted (thanks again to Tinhorn for figuring it out for me) that you can use to keep from having the camera shut itself down.  Also, with this timer, you can use the MS20's built in time delay to keep the same animal from using up your film.

For those schematics and gobs of other wonderful info, just keep looking at all the threads under the "Game Trail Cameras And Camcorders".

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