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Feb 17, 2002
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"Sen. Arlen Specter voted to approve a border fence with Mexico in principle, then voted for requiring consultations with Mexico before any fence may be built, then voted against funding it, then voted to spend $1.8 billion to build it. Pennsylvania's other GOP senator—Rick Santorum—consistently voted to build the fence and voted against consultations. Last week, the Senate voted 94-3 for the funding. It voted in July by 71-29 not to fund it. It voted by 56-41 in May to consult with Mexico about the fence (effectively killing it). After in the same month it voted by 83-16 to build it—in principle. We thought the Senate was supposed to be collegial but this is like clown college... And that doesn't mean the 370 miles of fence and 461 miles of vehicle barriers will be constructed. We await final votes on the underlying bills and reconciliations with the House. So, let's not count this as a victory. The only thing we can say about the vote to pay for a fence is that it gets voters angry about the illegals' invasion a bit off the senators' and their parties' backs as the midterm elections approach. We can also say of Arlen Specter and his kowtowing to Mexico—ah, do we have to think about him? But we can say Rick Santorum behaved fittingly in this convoluted and embarrassing episode." —Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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