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Mar 12, 2001
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The Desert Sun
April 16th, 2002
By Kenny Klein

Following their motto "Be prepared," the Cub Scouts of Pack 67 took action Saturday when they found five objects that could have been dangerous.

The scouts from the Desert Hot Springs troop discovered five pipe bombs about 1 p.m. Saturday while on a Bureau of Land Management environmental cleanup in Long Canyon just south of Joshua Tree National Park.

They secured the area with the help of Joshua Tree Boy Scout Troop 36 and others to make sure no one got hurt.

The scouts then made way for Bureau of Land Management officials who waited for the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department bomb squad to arrive.

"It was just too hard for me to believe they could be real and right out there in the open," said Cub Scout Pack 67 leader Kelly De Lora of Desert Hot Springs. "You think about it. The boys could have stepped on them. It could have been horrible."

Bomb squad senior deputy Frank Anderson said the pipe bombs had been there several months.

They were detonated at another location.

"Man, did they explode," Anderson said. He also praised the scouts’ actions.

"The scouts did everything right. They recognized the pipe bombs were dangerous and backed off."

Scouts like Justin De Lora said it’s all in a day’s work.

"I already have a crime prevention award," said De Lora, 10, of Desert Hot Springs. "But it was good that we found it because who knows what the bombs would have done."


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