And more Cali. birds down!!


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May 2, 2004
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Hunted yesterday with long time friends Joey and Nancy.
They weren't able to get on some private property first thing in the morning, and they had success. Nancy shot her biggest bird, 18lb., 9 3/4' beard and 3/4" spurs.
So we hooked up around 11 and headed off to another spot. When we arrive we spotted some birds crossing the road, and we just let them pass without messing with them. We waited about 20 min. and headed in the general area they were went. We get about 100 or so yards off the road and have a seat, but didn't call for about 30 min., we just did a lot of catching up!!!
Joey grabs his slate and ran it and asked me how it sounded. It had a good tone, but was running it way to slow, so I told him to speed it up, and he ran it again and like clock work we had a gobbler respond, and the hunt was on!!!!
Joey sets up about 20 yards in front of Nancy and I, and I start calling and get no response, but Nancy spots them about 100 yards out and coming, but in our fast set we didn't realize there was a dried up, over grown creek bed in front of us. So the birds, 5 in all, hit that boundary and start walking up and down it. After a while they were starting to get tired of playin, and start to lose interest!!
I told Joey to sneak up to where they are hung up and shoot one. So he puts a stalk on them and I roll down the hill and start moving and calling, not that I thought they would come to the call, but hopefully take their attention off where Joey was.
So Joey works his way to where we last saw them and takes one out with about a 45 yard shot, and the stupid man dance was on LOL LOL!!
It was a jake, but it was a great and exciting hunt!!!
God Bless


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