Anglers, hunters take aim at global warming


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Feb 19, 2008
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WASHINGTON - Global warming could force elk and mule deer from much of the American West. Wild trout could disappear in lower Appalachian streams. Two-thirds of the country's ducks may disappear.

A new assessment of the threat to fish and wildlife habitat has hunters and anglers calling for action.


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Nov 26, 2001
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As a hunter and fisher I recommend the following actions:

* Prairie pothole regions essential for waterfowl could lose 90 percent of their wetlands, causing a 69 percent decline in North America's breeding ducks.

Commit marginal farm land to permanent set aside ala CRP. Do not pump water out of the ground trying to water corn in that marginal land for that ethanol farce. Lobby bribe Canadian farmers to do the same if warmer/drier temps force waterfowl to breed further north. Building of more water retention systems (dams) would help in keeping water table levels higher.

* About 42 percent of the trout and salmon habitat could be lost by the end of the century, with bull trout virtually disappearing in the high mountain West and wild trout from lower Appalachian streams.

Eliminate development and force people out of their existing homes and restore current habitat. Update and increase hatchery programs specific to the restoration of trout where they currently exist. Much of the loss of fish is in the ocean. Cut back on domestic commercial fishing and sink any and all foreign fishing boats found trawling international waters.
Fewer fish killed in the ocean means more coming back.

* The number of Pronghorn antelope, elk and mule deer will dwindle as rising temperatures allow trees and shrubs to overwhelm the sagebrush ecosystem in the West.

Fire and logging can easily remedy encroachment of trees. Forests in eastern/central Oregon once covered huge areas of current sagebrush habitat. warmer/drier conditions resulted in the forests receding to the mountains

* Populations of bobwhite quail will shrink in the Deep South as summertime drought and higher temperatures disrupt their breeding cycles. And drier conditions in fall and early spring will threaten quail in the Southwest.

Development and conversion to forests due to things such as logging restriction cause loss of breeding habitat. Restoring quail preferred habitat will go a long way in remedying the situation.

* While an increase in water temperature and other change could benefit some salt water marine species, sea-level rise would destroy thousands of acres of coastal salt marshes and seagrass that are home to larval and juvenile game fish.

Rampant development on draining of salt marshes and pollution from industry and even the expensive ocean view homes of those that support AGW have destroyed 90+ % of coastal marshes across the country. Relocation of those that occupy former marshland will be a boon to juvenile game fish.

Those solutions will just as wild and crazy as warming crowds ideas. But they would do more to actually fix these concerns.


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Jan 16, 2003
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My suggestion is to kill all humans and let the animals take back the earth...

Seriously I suggest everyone take a deep breath and do a little research into the FACTS and not buy into these wild hypotheses or conjecture... Yes human expansion has and does affect the surrounding environment but so does nature and weather.
There are more deer and elk now than in anytime in the past and in greater types of habitat, but huge dieoffs happen because of severe weather.
Waterfowl numbers rise and fall every year based on breeding success and protected habitat, and they are susceptible to avian cholera and botulism.
Logging has declined since the 60's and the numbers of huge wildfires has increased in that same time, not to mention the pitch pine canker or the pinebark beetle which are killing millions of trees every year.
Human population and development has exploded in the western US since the 50's and the coresponding effects on all types of flora and fauna is plain for all to see.
So, I guess we should all commit suicide and let nature run it's course...
I don't think that will ever be an option...

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